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5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning

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Engage your learners by
Digitalizing your content

"5D transforms your content into an electronic educational learning experience."

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Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Certificaion

"Enhance your teaching effectiveness, by participating in an internationally accepted Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) program."

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Apprenticeship Tutoring

"Map out your learning journey and achieve your education goals with personal and small group tutoring."

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RFP Pipeline

"Gain access to subject matter experts and instructors through 5D RFP pipeline ."

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Without the integration of the 5 Dimensions in teaching and learning, development will not take place!


Teaching takes place when instructors demonstrate the 5 Dimensions of teaching, to perform at a high standard giving purpose to the learner, providing student engagement through varying learning tools, using inclusive curriculum and pedagogy practices, integrating assessment to confirm learning takes place, within an environment that promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity is respected.


Learning takes place across 5 Dimensions: growth and development comes with confidence and independence when one can confirm their knowledge and understanding, as they begin to master new skills and strategies, this transformation takes place as a result of drawing on prior and emerging experience, while allowing for critical reflection. When these five dimensions are dynamically interwoven, individual learning pathways are created.

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