5D Approach

As leaders in workplace teaching and learning for over 23 years, 5D distinguishes itself as an innovative and creative teaching and learning centre. We take pride in having established an adult education professional teaching standard through the implementation of the internationally recognized Instructional Skills Network program. 5D provides an inclusive approach to teaching and learning, embedding within the core of its curriculum and pedagogy philosophy Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization.

Customized Capacity Building Programs

5D works to help organizations unlock the power and knowledge it holds within its organization. 5D recognizes every organization is unique in the educational programs they seek. It is for this reason; we listen to learn from our clients as to what training their workforce needs to grow and contribute to the goals of the organization. Committed to working collaboratively with organization leaders, we convene the brightest minds and latest ideas in education, technology, to create innovative learning experiences that result with delivering lasting knowledge and skills that can be applied today, tomorrow and into the future.

Clients Describe 5D:


Program and Industry Expertise

5D delivers workplace learning and development programs within corporations, institutes, and non-profits across many industry sectors, such as financial, construction, insurance, manufacturing and educational. Areas of programs encompass Digital Customer Service, Product and Services Sales Enablement Strategies, Cultural Competency, Leadership and Mental Health.

Gain access to unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and industry connections by partnering with 5D to bring your customized development journey to full fruition.

5D Mission: To promote excellence in the field of workplace learning and development with a vision of a strong professional network of partners supporting workplace education and skill development.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on our accountability and reporting. We stand behind our prequalified talent pool of educators and facilitators and reliable screening mechanisms.


We make workplace education and training accessible by connecting organizations to federal and provincial funding programs, and by matching clients with instructors who are subject matters experts.


Our extensive membership of subject matter experts work across many industry sectors and provide a high level of adult education programs.


In addition to offering customized programs tailored to each organization's specific needs, we provide a diverse group of qualified educators, and make our resources available through flexible class times.


5D members are active in their field of practice, bringing a practical current approach that is relevant to today's workplace.