Blanket Exercise - February 22, 2023 Non-Member Fee: $185.00 Member Fee: $150.00

 As organizational leaders work to bring forward within their organizations teaching and learning practices that are inclusive, there is an opportunity for leaders and their teams to learn about the teaching and learning methodologies and philosophies of our Indigenous communities.

The Blanket Exercise is a very important starting point for educators working within a corporate environment to build an understanding about the shared history we have as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada.

The Blanket Exercise was first developed by the organization KAIROS in the late 1990s as a response to the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and it’s been gaining popularity as a teaching tool in recent years. It is an experience where facilitators walk participants through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. Everyone actively participants and becomes involved as they step onto blankets that represent the land, and into the role of First Nations, Inuit and later Métis peoples. By engaging on an emotional and intellectual level, the Blanket Exercise effectively educates and increases an understanding and empathy before we can begin to learn how we need to change and adapt adult educators’ traditional way’s of teaching and learning within organizations to be more inclusive.

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