Corporate Learning and Development

Access Subject Matter Experts Through 5D Instructors Pipeline

At 5D, we offer the opportunity to connect workplace education instructors working in a wide range of industry sectors to organizations that need to build capacity. 5D's RFP process is a no-fee service.

Communication – Bringing Clarity4D

5D has secured the opportunity to work with Clarity4D, a UK based firm with over 300 Business Partners based throughout the world. By partnering with Clarity 4D, 5D can offer organizations the opportunity to help improve the communication within their organization. The approach is through the development of individual profiles, workshops, and coaching. As we all strive to communicate more effectively with each other at work and beyond, Clarity 4D brings forward the tools and techniques that are unique to each person within a team to develop new ways to communicate and to understand how communication differs for each person.

Network of Professional Instructors

5D’s strength is in its network of established adult educators, who are recognized subject matter experts within their field of work and who hold the professional standard of the Instructional Skills Network program. Through this network we are strong in our ability to help organizations build capacity through the delivery of workplace educational programs that lead to enhancing efficiency and performance.

Corporate Repository

5D provides corporations and non-profits looking to secure the services of qualified adult educators the opportunity to deposit Request for Proposals (RFP). Corporate and non-profit RFPs are channeled to appropriate skilled adult educators who meet the necessary criteria as outlined in the original RFP. 5D can assist with the development of an RFP if required and coordinate the RFP process.

Training Pipeline

Project Planning
  • Setting education goals
  • Timeline
  • Scoring criteria
  • Budget
Drafting the RFP
  • Project schedule
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Organization background information
  • Required skills
Issuing the RFP
  • Distribute to 5D instructors
  • Receive submissions from compatible educators
Review and Awarding Contract
  • Score RFPs
  • Conduct interviews
  • Select optimal proposal
  • Award contract