5D provides Excellence in Workplace Education through the use of digital technology.

Each educational journey is different and requires a unique approach. 5D digital solutions are specific to an organization's needs. 5D's diverse experience in the world of digital education allows us to create custom, interactive education solutions in all subject matter areas.

Testing Knowledge
Assessments - Using multiple-choice questioning including to matching, sequencing, drag-and-drop and testing digital tools.
Actively Engage with Video
Video lectures, watch-and-repeat tutorials, software simulations and other visual content that will motivate learners.
Access Anywhere/Anytime
Content ready for any device, including PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones (with Windows, iOS, and Android OS).
Offline & Online
Learners can download courses to mobile devices and access them offline.

5D digital experts assess your organization's learning needs and create a customized learning platform based on your content.

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