Fostering Leadership

5D Corporate Teaching and Learning Centre

in partnership with

Dalhousie University Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development

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Level up and transform your leadership capabilities

A 3-day in-person interactive program in Atlantic Canada!

Who will benefit?

  • Senior leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Learning and development specialists


    • Tools to build capacity from within.
    • Strategic Succession Planning – thinking for the future of the organization.
    • Retain and grow employees.
    • Empower talent and development.

    Module 1: Identifying My Leadership Style

    Identify your current leadership style and competencies, and reflect on your current impact as a leader, areas of opportunity, and growth.

    Module 2: Leading and Communicating with Relationship Intelligence

    Dive deep into best practices to enhance communication between employees and peers. Leverage new concepts around relationship intelligence and how it correlates with proven communication methods.

    Module 3: Implementing and Inspiring Change

    Prepare for change, support change and learn how to best sustain the change after the implementation process. Know how to lead with confidence through chaos, change and transformation.

    Module 4: Leading Change and Transformation

    Leverage strategic planning and best practices in change management to identify high-potential employees and create pathways for success. Use proven leadership and management tools to navigate organizational challenges, learn how to retain talent and grow from within.

    Module 5: Strategic Planning and Problem-Solving

    Think like a leader! Learn how to strategically align your organization and people. Learn practical strategies for success and create action plans to achieve organizational goals.

    Module 6: Action Planning

    Leverage solution-orientated practices to aid in your current challenges and position yourself ahead of future roadblocks.

    After guided reflection on the program, create action items for implementation.

    Program Dates:

    January 20, 31 and February 1, 2024

    Registration deadline: December 18, 2023







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