Indigenous Learning Outcomes -April 20th

Indigenous Learning Outcomes have been established across Canada in educational institutes, only recently have leaders of corporate learning environments considered the opportunity to ensure their teaching practices hold the integration of Indigenous Learning Outcomes.

The purpose of Indigenous Learning Outcomes is to provide an opportunity to learn from and understand Indigenous worldviews, culture and context in relation to a specific field. In this session participants will learn how Indigenous Learning Outcomes are organized as a journey. A journey that is guided by the four directions of an Anishnaabe medicine wheel to facilitate a process of movement and an understanding that speaks about relationships to and with everything.

This learning opportunity will aid adult educators in encouraging them to apply different lenses through which to come to understand and experience the world. Educators who participant in this session will gain knowledge and understanding as they will gain insight into the varying tools and techniques in which they can apply into their teaching practices and interactions with learners and colleagues.