Instructional Professional Development

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The Instructional Skills (ISW) Program is an internationally recognized foundational course for individuals actively participating in the development or delivery of adult education programs.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices (CRTP)

Leading the way in the field of workplace learning and development, 5D demonstrates culturally responsive methodologies and philosophies in its teaching and learning practices.

Lesson Plan Development

In the corporate teaching and learning environment, instructors all too often lean on PowerPoint to act as their lesson plan. Approaching the development of a lesson using PowerPoint can lead to ineffective
teaching and learning.

Organizational Needs Assessment

An Organizational Needs Assessment (ONA) analysis involves gathering and using data to identify training gaps so that training can be developed and implemented to meet the needs of the participants and the organization. An ONA is a fundamental component of success of education and training programs.

Evaluation of Educational Programs

It is critical to monitor, evaluate and measure the
impact of the learning and development programs that organizations invest in. These processes can and should be part of an organization’s performance framework.