Evaluation of Educational Programs

It is critical to monitor, evaluate and measure the impact of the learning and development programs that organizations invest in. These processes can and should be part of an organization’s performance framework.

Traditionally, monitoring and evaluation was focused on completing evaluation forms at the end of a training session. However, it is important to think wider than this. Evaluation is not a one-time event, but an exercise involving assessments carried out at several points in time to assess the impact and further development of future learning interventions.

The evaluation of learning and development activities is key to ensure that the transfer of the knowledge and skills learned has taken place. There needs to be evidence gathered before the learning event, during the event and afterwards. Training evaluation is the systematic process of collecting information and using that information to improve your training.

This session will help participants:

  • Determine the purpose of the evaluation
  • Develop new training programs
  • Improve on existing training
  • Determine if the training met the desired outcomes