Lesson Plan Development

In the corporate teaching and learning environment, instructors all too often lean on PowerPoint to act as their lesson plan. Leaning too heavily on PowerPoint, however, can lead to ineffective teaching and learning.

Lesson plans are intended to help instructors develop and organize content, materials, and methods for their teaching. They aid instructors in choosing the appropriate approach, tools and activities that are essential to structure, plan, and control the process of teaching and learning.

There are five key tenets in planning lessons: identification, conceptualization, formalization, structuring the implementation, and evaluation of the lesson being taught. These steps guide and establish the path to achieving the desired learning outcome.

In this session participants will:

• Establish an approach to lesson plan development;
• Identify a lesson plan framework that works best for them;
• Create an effective lesson plan that: sets goals, creates an overview, manages timelines, incorporates a scaffolding approach to learning and establishes execution using adult education best practices.