Instructional Skills Certification

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) was created in 1979 at the University of British Columbia to address the growing issue of instructors who are incredibly knowledgeable but lack the skills to teach the next generation effectively. The workshop is built around small groups of five or less to provide personal feedback and encourage sharing of every participant.

ISW is CPD Pre-approved Program (CPHR CPD 24.0)


International Accreditation-ISWs Around the World

5D facilitates ISW around the world. 5D has expanded the ISW program in Cuba, Jamaica and here in Atlantic Canada. Many educational institutes have adopted ISW as an onboarding process for their instructors and teachers, including McMaster University which has made ISW mandatory for the engineering faculty.

The Process

Three day

Peer learning
experiential learner
focused program

Video and peer
feedback assists
with improvement

Participants receive

Why It Works

A joint research project by Ryerson and Western University confirmed instructors who participated in the ISW reported improved greater focus on the varying education needs of students with a higher engagement level by students. ISW provides an opportunity for instructors to implement additional instructional techniques that move beyond the traditional lecture while catering to students' learning styles.

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