Learning and Development Consulting

Often organizations do not have the opportunity to have a full-time learning and development specialist on staff. 5D recognizes with the continued efforts to focus inward to build the capacity of their team, they may need external support to ensure their L&D investment will achieve their desired outcomes. 5D can provide L&D advisory and consulting services to organizations, in an effective, efficient way, equipping HR and other leaders within the organization with the knowledge and skills they need to oversee the development, execution and evaluation of internal and external programs being offered to their employees.

Whether you are building a learning & development resource from scratch, transforming your practices and approach to learning, or fine-tuning the current direction of Learning & Development resources in your organization, 5D can provide insights to ensure your investments will benefit the employees and the organization as whole.

Consultants are available to help your organization develop effective learning strategies in:

  • Instructional Design, E-learning Development Technology
  • Learning Delivery: Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Evaluation of Learning Programs


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