Organizational Needs Assessment Process / Establishing Learning Outcomes

An Organizational Needs Assessment (ONA) analysis involves gathering and using data to identify training gaps so that training can be developed and implemented to meet the needs of the participants and the organization. An ONA is a fundamental component of success of education and training programs.

An ONA is a systematic way to get the big picture, and to gain an understanding of the unique and varying levels of knowledge and skills of the employees in order to determine their educational needs. An ONA allows for the opportunity to drill down to the real training that needs to take place to broaden an employee’s or group of employees’ knowledge and skills.

This session will provide insight into crafting an organization needs assessment process and will include:

• Strategies for approaching assessing systems
• Aligning the organizational goals with varying educational programs to define the true training gaps
• Defining the specific learning outcomes, and the required level of training
• A needs assessment checklist
• Analyzing ONA data