Communication with Clarity 4D

Clarity 4D was developed in the UK and is now recognized around the world as a communication training program that results in creating a pathway forward to build relationships at work and beyond through effective communication.

As we all strive to communicate more effectively with each other at work, developing communication skills through the Clarity 4D process brings forward the tools and techniques that are unique to each person within a team. The Clarity 4D approach results in developing new ways to communicate and to understand how communication differs for each person. Personality profiling, coaching, and development programs are not new in the corporate world. But with Clarity 4D things are different, as it is a process that ensures real change in organizations communication is heightened. And it brings forward
the results clients are looking to achieve.

CPD Pre-approved Program (CPHR CPD 7.0)


Learning outcomes:

Through the 4D process participants will become self-aware of how they communicate and how others perceive they are communicating. In addition,
it will bring forward the hidden potential of their communication and how they can develop their communication to its full potential.

The 4D program will help individuals:

• To recognize different communication types through an analysis process
• To adapt one’s own communication style to meet the needs of others
• To identify how we like to be communicated with and how to bring it to the attention of others
• Analyzing an approach to communicate with your own team action steps to strengthen communication within the group