Leadership Communication

This course in Leadership Communication is designed to help understand how communication plays in executing effective leadership and management strategies. This course will look at how communication influences the credibility and motivation of the people around you. It will also help you identify the leadership traits, styles, and situations that require effective leadership communication skills. The different leadership challenges posed by different groups and organizational types will also be explored. You will leave the program with the skills needed to engage, inform, and inspire others—and improve your ability to communicate like a leader.

Module One: (one day)

  • Identify the communication skills that can help a leader succeed. In any business role or function, you need to convey your ideas in ways that drive effective decision making, teamwork, and action. This session will look at effective communication approaches.

Module Two: (one day)

  • Be more persuasive in written and oral communications in a range of settings. From one-on-ones to large groups, and from informal to formal formats, this session will help you become a more confident communicator with a solid understanding of why and how to shift between communication types.

Module Three: (one day)

  • Apply experiential exercises, by putting techniques you have learned into practice. Test out new approaches: communicate with poise, clarity, and conviction.