Project Management Fundamentals Course

The Practical Project Management Fundamentals course is a three-day introductory course appropriate for those with no formal project management education and limited or no practical project management experience.

The course will focus on the fundamental principles of project management with an emphasis on their practical applicability. While there is significant theory inherent in the practice, and where that theory makes up a large part of PMI certification, the focus of this course would be on enabling people to apply the concepts and tools of project management in their day-to-day work and personal lives.




o General definitions

o Key concepts

o Project life cycle

o Types of projects

Project Initiation

o Developing a project charter

o Identifying stakeholders

o Roles and responsibilities

 Project Planning

o Defining project scope

o Work breakdowns

o Cost estimating

o Risk management

o Scheduling

o Communications planning

Project Implementation

o Planning vs execution

o Change management

o Risk management during implementation

o Project acceptance

Project Close-Out

o Potential closeout issues

o Lessons learned/project wash-up


o General leadership

o Teambuilding

o Conflict management


o Wrap-up

o PMI certification(s) and general information

o Questions and comments

o Key concepts

o Project life cycle

o Types of project