Community and Global Partnership

Nova Scotian Roots

Global Influence

ISW Network

AWENS in partnership with higher education institutes across Canada supports the work of a very successful professional development initiative for educators -- the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). Since its creation in Canada (1979), hundreds of educators and institutions have adopted ISW as an instructional standard.

Heart NSTA

Since 2017, AWENS has worked to support management, faculty and staff of the Heart NSTA Institute. AWENS provided instructional skills development that established teaching standards to improve the performance outcomes of the Vocational Training Development Institute.


Working in partnership with organizations that are supported through the Ministry of Education of Cuba, AWENS has provided digital solutions to transform educational content to a vibrant interactive learning online tool.

University of Cienfuegos

Since 2018, AWENS has worked closely with the faculty and management to bring forward new innovative teaching methodologies to foster interactive adult education programs.

NSCC and Digital Nova Scotia

AWENS partnership with NSCC, and Digital Nova Scotia allowed for training to take place to upskill participants' IT skills. Training included writing code for a variety of software solutions.

Engineers Nova Scotia

AWENS has facilitated professional development for Engineers Nova Scotia through the offering of a series of Lunch and Learn sessions.

Black Business Initiative

AWENS supports many industry associations throughout the province by facilitating workspace that supports their training needs.

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency

AWENS and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency have partnered on a number of initiatives to support apprentices throughout the province of Nova Scotia.

Women in Business

AWENS has participated in Atlantic Canadian trade missions to Cuba, Jamaica, Latin American and Miami.